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Ayurvedic Green Tea with only the most potent extract 'Rasas' from researched ingredients focused on improving the quality of our daily lives.

Our Blends

What they’re saying

"Ayurasa has transformed my wellness routine. With herbal teas like Brain Focus for mental clarity and Glow Skin for a radiant complexion, each sip is delicious and beneficial, leaving me balanced, energized, and glowing."
"As a busy professional, I rely on Ayurasa's Immune Body tea to boost my immune system. Its unique blend supports my natural defenses and provides essential nutrients, helping me stay healthy ."
"Being a parent, Ayurasa's Calm Mind herbal green tea has been a lifesaver, helping us unwind and sleep well. Switching to Ayurasa teas has transformed our health and well-being without compromising on taste."

Teabags can be harmful to health due to the presence of plastic particles and harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process. These substances can leach into the tea when steeped, potentially leading to long-term health issues. Additionally, low-quality teabags often contain dust and fannings instead of whole tea leaves, reducing the nutritional benefits and flavor of the tea.

Tea should not be in bags

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