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Give you mental focus

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The Tea Beyond Ordinary

Bagless vedic green tea made with goodness of Green Tea and Science of Ayurveda 

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Each Ayurvedic green tea is made with different combination of Ayurvedic herbs fruits and spices for its unique benefits

    Ayurvedic Rasas in Ayurasa

    No dried leaves - Made with Rasa.


    Rasa is a combination  juices distilled from natural herbs, fruits and spices and then turned into powder. It carries it’s combined health properties and is far more potent than dried leaves and dust used in other premium teas. It is a tea in a purest form.

    Nourish your
    Mind Body and Skin

    Ayurasa isn't just an ordinary green tea, it's your connection to Ayurveda. Each herbal tea made with different combination of herbs, fruits and spices that work with your body, naturally. Stay sharp, stay active, stay glowing. Each sip of Ayurasa is a step towards your best you.






    Buy Ayurasa Vedic Green Tea (Wellness of Green Tea with Benefits of Herbal Tea)

    In the world of health-conscious consumers, the demand for unique and beneficial tea products is on the rise. One such innovation that has gained significant attention is Ayurasa Vedic Green Tea. This premium green tea brand seamlessly blends the goodness of green tea with the rich herbal traditions of Ayurveda. Let's delve deeper into what Ayurasa Vedic Green Tea is all about and where you can purchase it.

    What is Ayurasa Vedic Green Tea?

    Ayurasa Vedic Green Tea is not your average cup of tea. It's a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern wellness, crafted exclusively for the urban Indian audience. This herbal tea powder is meticulously prepared using a variety of Ayurvedic herbs and green tea, all carefully selected for their unique properties and potential health benefits. What sets Ayurasa apart from the rest is its form – a powder extract that eliminates the need for potentially harmful tea bags.

    The Ingredients that Matter

    The heart of Ayurasa lies in its four distinct products, each with a specific purpose:

    Calm Mind: This blend is formulated to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and cultivate a sense of inner calm. Ingredients like green tea, ashwagandha, tulsi, lemon, and cardamom work in synergy to soothe the mind and alleviate anxiety.

    Focus Brain: Designed to enhance cognitive function and mental clarity, Focus Brain combines green tea, turmeric, brahmi, and mulethi. This blend aims to improve focus, concentration, and overall cognitive performance.

    Glow Skin: With a focus on radiant skin health, Glow Skin features ingredients like green tea, turmeric, and gotu kola. This blend supports healthy skin by providing antioxidants, promoting even skin tone, and enhancing collagen production.

    Immune Body: Immune Body is a powerful blend aimed at boosting the body's natural defenses. Incorporating ingredients like green tea, amla, ginger, and black pepper, this tea is formulated to strengthen immunity and support overall well-being.

    Where to Buy Ayurasa Vedic Green Tea?

    Now that you're intrigued by the wonders of Ayurasa Vedic Green Tea, you're probably wondering where you can get your hands on these exquisite green tea products. Fortunately, Ayurasa understands the convenience of the digital age, and you can easily purchase their offerings online. When it comes to sourcing high-quality herbal tea mix and caffeine-free options, Ayurasa has got you covered.

    The Health Benefits Await

    Ayurasa Vedic Green Tea isn't just about flavor which come from all natural ingredients unlike other flavoured green tea; it's about a overall approach to well-being. By incorporating this premium green tea into your daily routine, you can enjoy a delightful cup of tea while reaping the numerous health benefits it has to offer. From relaxation and focus to glowing skin and a robust immune system, Ayurasa Vedic Green Tea caters to your wellness needs.

    So, why wait? Explore the tea online, buy green tea online, and embrace the world of flavoured green tea. Ayurasa Vedic Green Tea is your gateway to a premium green tea experience with the added benefits of herbal tea. Don't miss out on the opportunity to savor the flavor and goodness of Ayurasa's unique tea products.

    Remember, when it comes to good green tea brands and green tea products, Ayurasa Vedic Green Tea stands out as a trusted name. Take the step towards a healthier lifestyle with Ayurasa, your go-to destination for herbal tea powder, and herbal tea caffeine-free options.

    In conclusion, Ayurasa Vedic Green Tea is a testament to the harmony between tradition and modernity. With its unique blend of ingredients and a commitment to your health and wellness, this brand stands as a prime example in the world of herbal tea products. Make Ayurasa Vedic Green Tea a part of your daily ritual and savor not just the flavour but the wellness it brings to your life.

    Holistic wellness

    No tea bags

    A green tea mixed with potent ayurvedic herbs to give you all-round wellness

    A tea made from Rasas and free from the use of of harmful tea bags that releases plastic in your cup.

    Jitter free experience

    No more feeling anxious and shaky hands after drinking tea. Our tea is 100% caffeine free. 



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